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Wooden Tap-A-Shape Robots and Space | Kaper Kidz

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Complete with brightly coloured wooden shaped pieces and thick carboard robot pieces, this Robot Tap A Shape Set from Kaper Kidz is sure to keep your little ones busy. 

Construct and design your very own out of this world robot themed construction picture with this set. Select the wooden tile pieces or the cardboard robots, then gently tap tap the pieces onto the cork board using the nails and hammer with this set. Once you've built your picture, you can remove the nails, robots and wooden tile pieces and start all over again. Each wooden tile and robot themed piece also has a small hole to make placing the nails into the cork board that much easier. This set also comes with design cards to complete.

The Tap a Shape set is a wonderful way to develop hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and creativity.  But, be careful - the nails are pointy, so keep this one out of reach for any little ones.

This Tap Tap Set comes in a handy book shaped box with separate compartments for easy storage between play times and great for travel.

Each Tap a Shape set contains 1 cork board, 1 wooden hammer, 1 bag of nails , Design cards, 1 pack of cardboard out of this world robot pieces and 1 pack of assorted wooden shapes (159pcs in total).

Recommended for children aged 3 years and up. Small parts are a choking hazard.