About Us

My name is Hannah. I am a mother, a creator, an adventurer, a reader, and a dreamer. I love working on my laptop in quaint coffee shops, observing my children play when they don't know I'm watching, and getting caught in rainy weather while strolling along the beach.
In my younger years I worked as a childcare educator which is where my passion for self directed play began. I also spent many years photographing newborn babies in my own business.
I am raising two boys as a single parent.

Big 4.5, loves small world play, sensory play, and all things animals. Ocean and Arctic life are his favourite. He will passionately lecture you if you refer to an Orca as a Killer Whale. He's peaceful, determined, and incredibly intelligent; sensitive and shy yet confident and strong. 

Little 3.5, is wild and free. He's a collector and poster, always filling baskets to carry from A to B and pushing objects into gaps. We have a lot of fun creating activities to engage these interests in play to develop his fine motor skills. The more he grows the clearer it becomes his language is music. Though words are limited he can sing in tune and dances on the beat.

In early 2018 we relocated to my home town, Forster, on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales after 10 years in various areas of Sydney. While we miss our Sydney family very much, our life has become so full and free within this small coastal community. The breeze is incredible here. 

Though I always adored working with children and families in childcare and as a photographer, I have never felt more content or connected with myself and my heart as I do in Playdreamers. What began as a whisper to a friend progressed to a niggling dream; now a year later Playdreamers is finally coming to fruition and I feel so at home.

I want to offer you ideas, inspiration, and easy access to playful learning resources. I want to hear about your family, your style, your play.

This store feels like more than just a store. It feels like us, my boys and I - my family.
I hope you'll feel warm and welcome here, and I hope you'll stick around as part of our new extended playful family.

Come join us on Instagram and in the Playdreamers Hub on Facebook. I can't wait to meet you!

Luck and love,

Hannah & the Cubs x