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Wooden Labyrinth | Egmont Toys

Type: Wooden Toys
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Let's see who has the most patience and dexterity.

Put the ball on the starting line and use the two knobs on the sides to try to get through the labyrinth. Hours of challenging fun!

Recommended ages 5 years and up.

Size is approximately 31cm x 26cm x 8cm
Made of pine and ply. 

Egmont Toys, Belgian designer and manufacturer since 1994, proposes a large range of products, ranging from wooden toys to toys in metal, wickerwork, textile, soft toys, as well as decorative objects for children from 0 to 10 years and more.Their aim is to propose original and hand crafted creations of an outstanding quality at reasonable prices through a network of specialised shops and boutiques run by people who share with us a passion for kids and toys. Play value and the educational character of a toy is an important aspect in the development of our toys. To stimulate and to build the character of a kid, while at the same time giving him a great time is the objective.