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Wild Animal Scented Erasers | Ooly

by Ooly
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You won’t be alone when you go up against pencil mistakes anymore now that you have three new best friends ready to help.

Each Wild Animal Eraser is actually 5 eraser caps in one plastic shell casing. When an eraser is done just pop it out and a fresh new animal eraser is ready to go. With Wild Animal Erasers, dirty erasers at the bottom of your backpack are a thing of the past as the erasers are encased in a protective, easy grip casing. Wild Animal Erasers come in 3 fun animal styles; Blue Elephant, Purple Monkey, and Green Frog; and they smell like strawberries too!

  • Fun Animal Shaped Erasers
  • Protective, Easy Grip Barrels
  • Eraser Cap Pop-Out Action
  • 5 Erasers Per Barrel
  • Fruit Scented
  • 3 Fun Animal Styles

    Recommended for children ages 3 and up