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The Rainforest Book | Charlotte Milner

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Embark on a journey through the magical world of the rainforest and introduce little nature-lovers to an enchanting, yet threatened, tropical world.

Step inside the fascinating world of tropical rainforests where you’ll encounter an enormous variety of flora and fauna! This gorgeously illustrated picture book is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the world of nature and conservation.

The rainforests are bursting with life! Sweep aside the liana vines, hop over the giant roots of the kapok tree, and discover magnificent tigers roaming the jungle. In this enchanting children’s book, you’ll discover amazing rainforest animals, learn about the diverse range of life-giving plants, and find out why the Amazon rainforest is known as the “lungs” of our Earth. 

This colourful children’s book captures the spirit of the rainforest through its beautifully detailed illustrations by Charlotte Milner. It has simple, clear text that is accessible to less confident readers but a strong message about deforestation and climate change will captivate older readers too.

48 Pages
Published February 2021

ISBN: 9780744026634