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110 Piece Magnetic Tiles | Learn & Grow

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Type: Magnetic
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  • Yes, our stock does include the new design features.
  • Large squares now feature magnets throughout the centre in a + shape - exclusive to Learn & Grow tiles.
  • The car piece now features an additional row of magnets through the middle for added strength in builds.
  • Isosceles triangles have had a small update in the angle so now form a dodecagon when placed together!
  • With new stronger ABS plastic and an internal logo to create a flat and more scratch resistant tile.

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles have been designed to encourage imagination and inspire open-ended play.

What are we going to build today?

A rocket, a house, a castle, road tracks around our city or an imaginary world. The opportunities are almost endless.

The 110 piece set includes a car base perfect for building new and inventive vehicles to drive through your tile town.

Magnetic tiles provide children with open-ended experiences where the only limitation is their imagination. Each tile has strong magnets to allow for tall buildings and structures that do not continually fall down and frustrate little builders.

Sets can each be added to expand play opportunities and are compatible with all major brands like Playmags, Connetix and Magna Tiles. 

The 110 piece set includes:

  • 6 large squares
  • 40 small squares
  • 14 equilateral triangles
  • 14 right-angled triangles 
  • 14 isosceles triangles 
  • 8 half squares
  • 7 windows
  • 6 hollow squares
  • 1 car 


  • Recommended ages 3+. At Playdreamers we always recommend supervised play with magnetic items.
  • We always recommend regularly checking your magnetic tiles before play to ensure all magnets remain secure.