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Memory Touch Game | Tooky Toy

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A super fun sensory game that is designed to increase memory processing and recall as well as stimulating the sense of touch.

This memory match game is for 2- 4 players and includes 16 wooden pieces and 16 puzzle pieces to make 4 game cards and a cloth bag.

Build your 4 piece jigsaw and taking turns, put your hand inside the bag and try to be the first to find the 4 pieces pictured on your game card using only your sense of touch. Pull pieces out one at a time, and keep those pieces that match your game card. If they don't match, that piece goes back in the bag ready for the next person to have a turn. The first person to correctly choose all their pieces on their board wins.

Mix up the game by mixing up your jigsaw tiles, or make them longer or shorter for different levels of play.

Each wooden and fabric Matching Memory Game from Tooky Toys is made from timber, finished to the highest quality and painted in child safe, non toxic paint.

Various sizes; Pear 5cm x 1cm x 6cm

Recommended for children ages 3 years and up.