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Magnetic Vehicles and Professions | Curious Columbus

Type: Magnetic
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Do we have any tractor lovers or fire engine enthusiasts at home? 🚒 🚜 If you little ones are anything like ours, then they LOVE watching diggers work and garbage trucks pick up trash!!

Well now you can explore the amazing world of vehicles and professions without hanging around building sites! Our brand new set of 20 Vehicle Magnets by Curious Columbus brings moving vehicles from the air, land and sea to life.

Also included are 7 professions magnets to build your child's vocabulary. Each fun and colourful magnet also includes the name printed next to the picture helping your child to begin their reading journey.

Each box is packed with 20 Vehicle Magnets, 7 professions and a fold out A2 map of a working town that you can stick on your fridge or whiteboard for your toddler to drive around and build their knowledge of what buildings the vehicles and professions line up with.

Curious Columbus magnets are made from the thickest, chunkiest and most compact foam which means they're toddler chomp proof.