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Happy Hearts Board Game | Mindful and Co Kids

Type: Flash Cards
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Happy Hearts Board Game weaves science-backed mindfulness techniques - like gratitude and body awareness with yoga and breathing - into a lovingly made, hand-illustrated board game.

This board game is designed to develop a growth mindset, ignite laughter and bring joy to playtime. Our Happy Hearts Board Game is a loving blend of joy, science, and healthy brain training.

In the box, you’ll find: 1 hand-illustrated game board, 1 dice, 4 player tokens, a how-to-play information card and 30 beautifully crafted Happy Cards.


  • Develops a growth mindset
  • Increases cognitive flexibility
  • Encourages calm thoughts and actions
  • Encourages gratitude
  • Brings joy to playtime
  • Suitable for home, classrooms and day care centres
  • Sustainable packaging and materials
  • Suitable for ages 4 to 100 years old (everyone of all ages can enjoy and play our Happy Hearts Board Game!)
  • 43 l x 23 h x 4cm