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Grand Old Oak and the Birthday Ball | More Than 100 Things To Find

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This charming follow-up to If You Go Down to the Woods Today invites readers to join Bear and his friends through the seasons as they prepare a party filled with love, homemade delights, and woodland magic

Welcome friends and settle in:
there’s lots to do and see
as I tell you the story
of our oldest, wisest tree . . .

Old Oak is Bear’s favourite tree in the woodland. With its gnarled trunk, giant branches, and glossy leaves, Oak supports hundreds of Bear’s friends, big and small. So when Bear learns that Oak is turning 500 years old, he decides to plan an extra-special birthday celebration. With original poems by acclaimed writer Rachel Piercey, this delightful tale features dozens of hidden objects to spot.

32 Pages
Published August 2023

ISBN: 9781419766008