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Emotions Cards | The Creative Sprout

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The Creative Sprout's thoughtfully designed set of 20 emotions cards incorporate colours to categorise all the different ways we feel and states of alertness.

These two-sided cards have illustrated children on one side expressing different emotions, and on the back are a set of questions that will encourage your child to open up about their feelings and express them, along with appropriate activities to help self-regulate when in each state.

The colours and pictures are used as an easy and fun way to help your child understand how they feel, and support the development of self-regulation.

All the different ways children feel and the levels of alertness they experience are categorised by four different colours which are Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. These colours help your child to identify what they're feeling and enable you to help guide them.

Designed & printed in Australia, A6 size 350gsm card stock with rounded corners & protective matt celloglazing + calico drawstring bag for safekeeping.