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BLLÖX | Family Game | Möbi

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by Mobi
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BLLÖX is an action-packed stacking race!

Flip over a card and race to see what you see faster than the other players. Super-simple to learn and super-fast to play, BLLÖX is the perfect game for the whole family!

There are 36 wacky and creative ways to play included! 


  • Recommended for ages 6+
  • 2-4 Players
  • Fast paced 2-3 minute gameplay
  • Includes 48 Tiles and a drawstring storage bag in a sturdy cardboard box
  1. Family fun: whether it's parents versus kids, every person for themselves, or teaming up with your favourite family member (just kidding, we know there's no such thing as favourites when it comes to family...) we guarantee lots of giggles and solid competition!
  2. Adult fun:  we know it was originally a family friendly game, but our customers tell us that Bllox makes for a surprisingly fun drinking game!  Anything goes as your group can make up your own rules!  Just watch your cups as the table slapping can get out of control!
  3. Solo fun:  ok ok this doesn't sound like that much fun, but more than 1 parent has told us that if they throw the box in front of their child, their child will play for a long time.  This is great for the younger kids (3-4 years old) who aren't yet ready to play the game.  They build towers, play the game by themselves, etc.  Not a bad way to get them off their screens!