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Birthday Crown | King Neptune

Type: Felt
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Our gorgeous felt birthday crowns are not just a wonderful tradition for your growing family, but a special keepsake for your child to pass on to their children. They're the perfect accessory to a special birthday photo shoot too!

The birthday girl or boy (starting from age ONE) has the crown placed on their head, a photo taken with their birthday cake, parents, siblings, grandparents or friends, and then the crown can either be put away in the special birthday box, or played with - dress up and imaginary games - using their crown with the special birthday number of that year. Next birthday, change the number, and have your second photo shoot ... and so on and so on, until they're FIVE and graduated from the birthday crown!

Made of superior quality 100% NZ wool, hand dyed, felted and crafted in Nepal, the crown is made with velcro closure and interchangeable numbers, so you can use it year after year, so it grows with your child (or even fit an adult!)

A great accessory for a birthday girl or boy, party, tea party, Princess or King!