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16 Pack of Toddler Flatware | GreenGrown

Color - Pinks
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GreenGrown gives you new options when choosing toddler feeding products with toddler forks and spoons that are great both at home and while on the go.

As all parents know, baby steps might be small, but they lead to big and exciting things. GreenGrown is rooted in the idea that we all need to think about where we are headed and look at new ways of getting there. This  flatware still gives you the easy benefits your family is looking for, but are made in a fresh way.

Our GreenGrown products use a mix of 85% plastic that is produced from sugarcane and 15% of other recyclable plastics to give them exceptional durability and flexibility. Sugarcane is a renewable raw material, and using it in place of finite fossil fuels is more sustainable and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

And of course, our GreenGrown forks and spoons are dishwasher safe and microwave safe too!

Recommended for children aged 9 months and up.