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Group Gifting Service

Your easiest gifting experience!
Baby shower? Birthday? Christmas? A class end of year gift to preschool, daycare, or a school teacher?
We are here to help your friends and family organise a memorable present.\
How does it work?
We have created an easy form for you to complete, detailing the gift receiver and the occasion. Simply fill it out, submit it, and we will organise everything within 48 hours.
You will receive a digital invitation to send to all your friends and family, and a custom private listing on our website where they can purchase the amount they'd like to contribute to the gift. We can set our standard amounts ($20, $30, $50, $100) or you can create custom purchase amounts in the survey.

Send the invite out and let your friends contribute to the gift, and we will curate a gorgeous package of beautifully wrapped presents to either pick up or post to you or direct to your loved one.

What do you get?
  • One custom designed digital invitation to share via text, email, or social media
  • A private listing on our Playdreamers online store for your family and friends to easily select a dollar amount of their choosing toward the gift
  • A beautiful curation of toys, books, and lifestyle goodies that fit the brief you provide - valued at a minimum RRP 110% of the total amount purchased by contributors
  • Free gift wrapping and card - which we can write in or leave blank for you
  • Free postage or local delivery for gift pools totalling $200AUD or more
  • A final invoice detailing the purchase amounts contributed to the gift, with times and dates included; and a separate invoice detailing the items we've included in the gift and total value. Names can be removed from the contribution invoice if you'd like to keep purchase amounts private.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! The setup and service is absolutely free of charge. Orders totalling less than $200AUD will incur a flat rate shipping fee between $9.95 and our bulky $18 depending on the gift.


Do I need to live in Australia to organise a group gift?
No. Anybody in the world can organise a group gift as long as the receiver of the gift resides in Australia.

Is there a minimum / maximum purchase amount?
No. There are no minimums or maximums. Your listing will expire a certain period before the date the gift is needed. Your gift value will be 110% of the contributed total, whether that's $25 or $2000! There is a $200AUD minimum for free delivery.

How long prior to the occasion / celebration should I start organising?
4 weeks is ideal. This allows us up to 48 hours for setup, approximately 2 weeks for you to collect contributions, and 1-2 weeks for picking, wrapping, and shipping depending on the location. If you can hustle friends and family to contribute quickly, less time can be allocated to the purchase period speeding the process up drastically.

What if they already have lots of Playdreamers goodies?
This is covered in the form. If you know of particular items the child, family, or centre own or don't need please let us know so we don't include those - or so we can select items that may compliment the resources they already have. We are always happy for you to suggest items in our store you'd love to see included also!

How do I get started?
Click here to access our online form! Simply fill it out, submit it, and keep an eye on your emails!