We Go Way Back | Idan Ben-Barak

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An entertaining and scientific exploration of the origin of life on Earth, from the award-winning author of Do Not Lick This Bookand the bestselling illustrator of Who Am I?

What is life?

How did it start?

Long, long ago, no one knows exactly where or when, a tiny bubble formed that was a Little Bit Different. It was the first living cell. Everyone's ancestor.

And so the story of life begins …

In this visually stunning and brilliantly devised picture book, Idan Ben-Barak and Philip Bunting lead us through the origin of life on our planet, and how an odd little bubble gave rise to the incredible web of life on Earth.
  • Published by Allen & Unwin Children's
  • Ideal for ages 5 - 10 years

36 Pages
Published August 2021

ISBN: 9781760526085