Slow Down: 30 Mindful Activity Cards

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Type: Flash Cards

Slow Down: 30 Mindful Activity Cards is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This boxed card deck includes 50 creative mindfulness games, visualizations and exercises inspired by nature and the best-selling Slow Down.

With 30 nature-inspired activities to do on your doorstep, help your little one feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, practice loving-kindness and relax.

Whimsical full-color illustrations on both sides of the cards break down each practice into easy-to-follow steps.

Tips on individual cards plus an 8-page instructional booklet show modifications that make these activities inclusive for children of all abilities.


  • Published by Magic Cat Publishing
  • Ideal for children aged 5 - 10 years

Published April 2021

ISBN: 9781913520250