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Insects | Grapat

Type: Open Ended
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The new release Insects by Joguine's Grapat allow children to create stories and small worlds.

The box includes 18 Insects -  6 Ladybugs, 6 Slugs, and 6 ants. 

The Insects allow the child's imagination to run wild; creating new play opportunities in each moment and in each story that is created.

Open ended toys are the most versatile and allow children to play through imagination, and creative and free thinking. There is no limitations!

The Joguine's Grapat range are created to coordinate for creative colour matching.

Ladybugs 40mm
Slugs 52mm
Ants 44mm

Recommended for children aged 3+ years.

  • All Grapat products are created with sustainably sourced wood and coloured with non-toxic water based dyes.
  • Finished with waxes and vegetable oils, the aroma can be strong at first but it will generally fade or disappear within days.
  • Each piece is hand painted. Due to "imperfections" in wood grain (personally, our favourite part!) and the hand painted nature of this product they may differ very slightly from the images. 
  • As of 2019 Joguine's Grapat have eliminated 100% of plastics from their packaging.