Big Green Crocodile | Rhymes to Say and Play

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Parents and carers will welcome this new and original action rhyme book which helps them to play creatively with babies and toddlers, and have lots of fun.

Specially devised to entertain and delight very young children (and incidentally to help along their vocabulary and cognitive skills) here are sixteen original play-rhymes with child-friendly illustrations to cover the events of a baby's or toddler's day, and guidance on how to play.

Tickle Beetle runs round your tummy,
Tickle Beetle jumps on your nose,
Tickle Beetle runs down your leg,
And jumps up and down on your toes,
Up and down, up and down,
He jumps up and down on your toes!

The rhymes cover the day, from morning playtime and lunchtime to being out and about, teatime, evening playtime, bath-time and bedtime. They feature jungle animals, farm animals, buzzing bees, big green crocodiles of course, tractors, rockets, aeroplanes – and lots more!


32 Pages
Published March 2020

ISBN: 9781910959619

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