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Balloon Ball | Tiger Tribe

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The innovative, take-anywhere bouncy ball that can fold up to fit in your pocket!

Lightweight enough for indoor play (but won’t fly away outside) Balloon Ball is a beautifully designed, sturdy cover designed to fit over standard balloons. Once balloons deflate over time or if they burst (though the Balloon Ball casing makes balloons less susceptible to popping), balloons are safely contained inside for safe retrieval and disposal, with the Balloon Ball cover endlessly reusable!

  • Durable, endlessly reusable balloon ball cover
  • Great travel toy - folds up to pocket-size for easy transport 
  • Innovative toy makes ball play more portable and convenient
  • Includes fabric Balloon Ball (cover), 5x balloons and booklet of game ideas
  • Ideal for kids aged 3-5 years