Amazing Islands: 100+ Places That Will Boggle Your Mind

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A fact-filled, colourful celebration of island life, achievements and diversity Discover 100 of the planet's most magical islands – their wildlife, trees, diversity, people, treasures and more – in this beautifully illustrated book.

Islands are amazing.

On the Galapagos islands, Charles Darwin learnt how bird species evolved over time. In China, there is a natural island that is home to an incredible giant bookshop.

On the Norwegian island of Svalbard, there is a vault built into the mountainside that contains seeds of the world's food plants to protect them in the event of a global crisis.

South Georgia Island in the Atlantic Ocean has seen many scientific expeditions, including the journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton… There is lots more to discover in this stunning book that celebrates island life, achievements and diversity.

64 Pages
Published June 2020

ISBN: 9781912920150