Small World Play - Farm Life

Small World Play - Farm Life

Small World Play - Farm Life

Cows, Horses, Pigs, and even a Goose. We adore our small world play, and this setup was probably our most played with yet!

We used our Magic Wood Treehouse in three pieces as makeshift barns for our animals. These work great with the Kmart Train Table as the hollow backs means you can reach in and play inside the barns from behind. We had foals and bulls sleeping in ours. 

Small World Pig Stable with parents and piglets

I lined our train table with artificial grass, then cut coconut fibre - both very affordable and easy to find at Bunnings - into suitable pieces for hay. You can also get this fibre loose in a bag which is amazing for nests during play with birds, reptiles, and prehistoric figures. 

Small World Play Goose and Bull

Small World Play is a great way to add some extra sensory play time to your child's day. We have so many textures to touch and explore, even adding split peas as feed for our animals. My Alfie added dried black beans at one stage as poo - typical 3 year old humour! - but I removed those for the photos. 

Small World Farm Play

As you can see we have so many tangible elements. Coconut fibre, artificial grass, bark and wood from the Treehouse, split peas, and even real stones we collected from our local beach. 

Small World Play Calves in Pen

Adding animals varying in age and size is great for social play and exploring family and social connections. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, and 'neiiiiigh'bours as we like to call them. We even have an old bull we call Gramps.

Small World Play Horse

If you're not yet doing small world play with your young children I highly recommend it. It captivates them for hours on end; and listening to the stories they create as they grow older and more confident in this type of play is both fascinating and adorable. The Kmart train table is definitely an ideal small world stage, however if you'd like to start smaller we often use a tray - I'll be sure to add some examples to the blog soon of even smaller Small World Play. 

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For now, luck and love to you. 

Hannah x