Meet The Dreamers

Meet The Dreamers

Meet The Dreamers

Hello, and welcome to our Playdreamers blog. 

I'm Hannah. Pleased to meet you. I'm so grateful you're visiting our store.

I'm a single parent to these two little beings. Alfie was 3 in November, and Sebastian (Bash) is almost 20 months. They're close in age, close in friendship, close in brotherhood, and close in proximity to each other most of the time. 

We live in a little beach town called Forster, which is on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales. I grew up here, and after 10 years in various Sydney spots ventured home in March 2018 - when Bash was 10 months old. 

I have always worked with children in childcare, nannying roles, and as a professional newborn photographer; and have always been fascinated by playful learning.

Alfie and Bash are passionate about small world and sensory play. Alfie is beginning his reading journey, able to recognise the letters of our alphabet and their sounds - incorporating this into his play is a fun challenge for me. His favourite books are non-fiction. I like to call him my Wildlife Warrior - just like their father. Don't call an Orca a Killer Whale nearby!

Bash is still finding his language groove, but the more he grows the more I see music as his natural language. I have been trying to support this in our play. He also loves sorting, posting, and collecting - these activities are so great for his fine motor skill development!

I could go on about us, but I'll leave you to explore our store. 

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I am so thrilled you've found us.